For companies

What is TTYY?

The Student Union of Tampere University of Technology, or TTYY, currently safeguards the interests of approximately 7000 students and provides them with services. TTYY is the last student union in Finland to comprise solely students of technology and during its 50 years of existence it has created a strong and powerful teekkari community.

The operation of the student union is best reflected in its values. The four key values of TTYY are community spirit, persistence, honesty and learning by doing. By maintaining community spirit we strive to support one another and tackle even the most difficult things together with a twinkle in the eye. Persistence reflects the student union’s consistent and continuous work to reach our goals. We are always a reliable and respected partner. The student union always conducts business with integrity.

Why cooperate with us?

The Student Union of Tampere University of Technology offers a wide range of opportunities for cooperation, especially for technology companies but also for other companies operating in the Tampere region. Corporate relations are dealt with by the board’s corporate relations representative and the corporate relations secretary hired annually. At the moment, the student union has 20 corporate partners with whom we cooperate all year round in as many ways as possible. In addition to advertising deals, we offer our partners a wide range of cooperation packages. By cooperating with the student union you have the opportunity to gain visibility and reach the students, alumni and interest groups of the last Finnish university operating solely in the field of technology.

What are the forms of cooperation we offer?

Our partners can gain visibility by having their logo in the student union’s website or by introducing their company on the news board. In addition, companies can put up an advert in FuksiAnturi, a publication sent to the thousand first-year students.

Our partners can also be present in the teekkari calendar, at the teekkari immersion ritual in the Tammerkoski rapids at Wappu, in our annual galas and many other events organised year round. With many of our partners, we have also organised completely new kinds of innovative events which support our students and the businesses. Many partners have been involved in the creation of cooperation packages lasting year round.

What kind of events have we organised?

We have organised lunches, for example, where companies get the chance to introduce themselves and answer questions from students followed by networking in the relaxed atmosphere of a sauna. Together with Talouskerho Markka (economy club), we have organised popular investment events. We also organise competitions such as FIC (Fresh Ideas Competition) for which we look for potential companies to come up with competitive tasks for the students. The best solutions and plans are awarded. We are also in the process of developing new possibilities where companies provide the problem and students help solve it.


For more information, contact the corporate sector of the student union.