The Student Union of Tampere University of Technology safeguards the interests of approximately 7000 degree and exchange students in Tampere. TTYY is:

  1. Guardian of teekkaris
    • educational affairs
    • social affairs
    • international affairs
  2. Provider of membership benefits
    • student discounts and student card
    • teekkari calendar
    • teekkari sauna Mörrimöykky
    • van and trailer
  3. Promoter of teekkari culture
    • teekkariwappu (May Day celebrations)
    • ordering of teekkari caps
    • annual galas
  4. Home for a versatile selection of guilds and clubs
    • 12 guilds
    • dozens of vocational, leisure, international and sports clubs

In addition, the student union has an important role in the following: reception and tutoring of fuksis (freshmen), Wappu magazine Tamppi, the Fuksi Fair, the online publication WerkkoAnturi, student restaurants on campus, temporary accommodation, jäynä (prank) competitions, university administration, student housing and a lot more.

“The purpose of the student union is to serve as a link for its members and promote their societal, social and intellectual efforts.”

Student union values

TTYY’s values reflect the current student union and form a foundation for our operation.

Community spirit
Located at the heart of Hervanta, the university forms a unique community. The versatile range of clubs offers an opportunity to participate in and enjoy student life. As teekkaris, we support one another and face even the hardest of challenges with a twinkle in the eye.

The student union works in consistent and precise manner to reach its goals. We dare to stand behind our opinions. We respect traditions, learn from the past and value the experience of previous teekkari generations. We are a reliable and respected partner.

Integrity in all activities is the corner stone of our operation. Sensibility and justice are the core principles in the handling of our tasks. We are open and honest about our goals in the safeguarding of our members’ interests.

Doing is learning
The desire to be involved in many kinds of things is evident among our members. We dare to try new things and take on challenges. We are not afraid of making mistakes: we just learn from them. The student union is a breeding ground for future professionals.

Ordinary teekkaris as student union activists

The council with its 35 members is the highest authority in the student union. The council is elected every other year and all members of the student union are entitled to vote. You can also stand as a candidate. The most important issues decided by the council include economic guidelines, meaning how your membership fees are spent.

Each year the council appoints a board that makes all practical decisions. The board is assisted by hired staff. The majority of the board and staff consist of regular teekkaris or arkkaris (students of architecture) who manage their roles in conjunction with their studies or are using a gap year to take care of common issues.

Making a difference in sections

Every member of the student union is welcome to join a section meeting. Despite the official-sounding name, the sections have a relaxed atmosphere. The purpose is to discuss current matters and exchange opinions and ideas. In the safeguarding section, you will hear the latest news on the study grant and student housing, or  can influence the quality of education and tutoring of new students. The doors of the teekkari section, however, will remain closed until you have done “teekkarikaste”, the sacred teekkari immersion ritual of being dipped in the Tammerkoski rapids at Wappu. Jäynä (prank) competitions and teekkari events are planned in this section.  The KV (international) section is for people interested in international affairs, student exchange and exchange students coming to Tampere. The sports section plans sporting events for the students of TUT. For information on upcoming section meetings, check student union email groups, the website, POP and Tampereenteekkari table notices. You can also voice your opinion directly to the student union people in the Päätalo building – or send an email.

Stay in the loop!

TTYY uses the following channels to inform about events and current matters:

Teekkari activity plan for 2016–2020 and operating plan for 2016 (only in Finnish)
 The student union operation is guided by the teekkari activity paper (drafted for a five-year period) and the annual operating plan. Both documents are approved by the student union council.

Teekkari activity for 2016–2020 (only in Finnish)
Operating plan 2016

Appendices are linked here when the documents have been updated. The approval year/planned approval year is in brackets.

Appendix A: Medium-term financial plan (2016)
Appendix B: Non-discrimination plan (2016)
Appendix C: Internationality and language plan (2015) (only in Finnish)
Appendix D: Communications plan (2014) (only in Finnish)
Appendix E: Goal tables (2016)
Appendix F: Juvenes ownership strategy (2015) (only in Finnish)
Appendix G: Property management strategy (2016)
Appendix H: Municipal policy programme (2016)
Appendix I: Educational affairs for guilds guidelines (2015) (only in Finnish)