Administration committee

The administration committee consists of one representative from each council group, and the council will appoint one of them as chair.

The administration committee’s tasks include the handling of matters arising in the council and issuing statements related to these matters to the council and, in particular,
1) monitoring the finances and operation of the student union
2) submitting initiatives to the council based on their observations
3) preparing the council meeting’s procedure questions as necessary.

Administration committee members in 2018:

Veli-Matti Korpelainen, chairperson
Ilmari Alenius
Sohvi Hyvärinen
Tuulia Kusmin
Henri Määttä
Jani Patrakka
Aliisa Saari
Valtteri Seppälä

Commerce committee

The commerce committee is the expert body issuing statements to the board or council when necessary or requested to do so on matters pertaining to its territory.

The commerce committee comprises 3–10 people knowledgeable in commerce and administration, half of whom may be appointed outside the student union. The chairperson, however, must be a student union member.

The council appoints the commerce committee members for one calendar year at a time.

The commerce committee’s responsibilities include:
1) student union finances
2) the regulatory and organisational matters of the student union
3) the personnel matters of the student union
4) the operation and finances of guilds, leisure clubs and other organisations operating under the student union
5) business conducted by the student union, and
6) the real and movable property owned and controlled by the student union.

Commerce committee members in 2018:

Juha-Matti Väisänen, chairperson
Joonas Pekkonen
Juuso Koivula
Masi Kajander
Milla Väänänen
Pekka Leikas
Tiina Mikkonen
Tuomas Hirvonen
Verna Hahtola
Ville Korpiluoto

Honorary committee

The honorary committee is an expert advisory body operating under the council. The honorary committee comprises 3–10 members appointed by the council among people who have made a commendable contribution to the operation of the student union.

The term of the honorary committee is three (3) years and it convenes when invited by the student union board or its chair.

Honorary committee members in 2015–2017:

Kirsi Koski, chairperson
Petri Rosenlöf
Suvi Melakoski
Pekka Markkula
Mika Uusi-Pietilä
Jarl-Thure Eriksson
Hanna Kivelä