Sections, subcommittees and forums


Finance forum (in Finnish)

Business forum (in Finnish)

Post-graduate forum (in Finnish) 


Fuksi Council (in Finnish)

Guild subcommittee (in Finnish) 


Safeguarding section (in Finnish)

International section

Sports section (in Finnish)

Teekkari section (in Finnish) 

The student union has several sections, subcommittees and forums divided according to sectors. All forums and most of the sections are open to all. Subcommittees are open to people in certain guild positions and thus not available for open application. Most sections, subcommittees and forums use Finnish in meetings and communication; however Internatinal section meetings are held in English. 

The sections’ tasks include planning and implementation in particular. Each section comprises a chairperson and representatives who implement projects designed by the student union board and the sections. In addition to the aforementioned, anyone who is interested in the matter may participate in the sections as a full member, excluding the closed sections. The sections also discuss the sector’s current issues. As a conclusion: sections implement, plan and inform. Matters dealt with range from the improvement of student healthcare to the quality of education and organising of events.  The sections are not stiff-upper-lip affairs but a chance to have a conversation in a relaxed atmosphere.

Forums inform and engage in discussions and have no appointed representatives. Forums are lead by student union board members and their purpose is to serve as information, education, peer support and discussion forums for their target groups. You may bring up any inadequacies in student life in these bodies as well.

Depending on a section or forum, meetings are held approximately 2–6 times a year. Information regarding section activities is shared on the sections’ own email groups, the student union website and POP.

Student union sections

Statutory sections, meaning sections specified in the student union rules are the Guild council and the educational affairs and social affairs sections operating as the Safeguarding section. Other sections are the International section, the Sports section ,operated by TUrVoKe ry, and the Teekkari section.

The student union forums include the Post-graduate, the Business and the Finance forum.

With a couple of exceptions, the sections and forums may be participated by all members of the student union. The exceptions are the Guild council, comprising guild chairs and vice chairs, Fuksi council, comprising the guilds’ fuksi captains, and the Teekkari section for which there is an annual applications procedure.

Applying for a section position

For information on available positions in various sections in 2017 with more detailed descriptions, go to the section’s website: Safeguarding sectionInternational sectionSports section and Teekkari section. For more detailed information, please email:

Safeguarding section: kopo(at) or sopo(at)
Sports section: turvoke(at)
International section: kv(at)
Teekkari section: teekkari(at)

Collect JAAPO and fuksi points from sections

Section activity brownie points, or JAAPO points, are awarded to guilds for participation in sections and forums. Each guild that has at least one representative present at a section or forum meeting gets one point for that meeting. The guild that has accumulated the most points is awarded each year.

JAAPO points may be collected in A Cup of Kopo -events, Sports section, International section, Fuksi council and Guild council.

Freshmen may also collect fuksi points by participating in section meetings. Don’t forget to bring your fuksi passport when attending a meeting!