Current hallopeds

Hallopeds in university bodies

The current term ends at the end of 2018. New hallopeds are appointed for all positions in the new University in autumn 2018.

Academic board

Juha Köykkä, substitute member Jani Patrakka
Jani Sillanpää, substitute member Tiina Mikkonen
Nelli Putkonen, substitute member Lassi Mäkinen

Education council

Verna Hahtola, substitute member Henri Määttä
Veli-Matti Korpelainen, substitute member Mikko Koivula
Antti Peltotalo, substitute member Petra Oksa

Doctoral education council

Johanna Kirjavainen, substitute member Eero Koivusalo
Sami Nummela, substitute member Juha Tiihonen

Corrections board

Jari Leppänen, substitute member Jukka Koivisto
Lauri Vuorinen, substitute member Paxton Juuti

Faculty Councils

Faculty of Engineering Sciences

Aino Korolainen, substitute member Noora Leikari
Klaus Telenius, substitute member Oskari Kankare
Henri Määttä, substitute member Valtteri Paajanen
Tuulia Kusmin, substitute member Mikko Koivula

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Paula Sajaniemi, substitute member Julius Haapakoski
Essi Nousiainen, substitute member Nelli Putkonen
Jani Patrakka, substitute member Joonas Pekkonen
Kaisa Järvinen, substitute member Aapo Honkakunnas

Faculty of Business and Built Environment

Ville Tyrväinen, substitute member Milla Väänänen
Juha-Matti Väisänen, substitute member Antti Nokelainen
Lauri Sahramaa, substitute member Sohvi Hyvärinen
Verna Hahtola, substitute member Enni Heiskanen

Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering

Mikko Kauhanen, substitute member Veli-Matti Korpelainen
Tiina Mikkonen, substitute member Janne Aare
Atte Piispanen, substitute member Meri Turunen
Juha Köykkä, substitute member Mervi Mahlamäki

Biomedical Sciences and Engineering (TUT-BMT), pilot faculty

Eetu Siitama, substitute member Anna Eskola
Sanna Kallio, substitute member Matias Jokinen
Olli Koskela, substitute member Jouko Leväsluoto

Degree programme planning groups

The recruiting is organized by guilds.


Maria Järvelin, substitute member Laura Kämi
Mari-Sohvi Miettinen, substitute member Ulla Viitikko

Biomedical engineering (BioMediTech)

Matias Jokinen, substitute member needed

Biotechnology (TUT & UTA)

Sanna Kallio, substitute member Hanna Hassinen

Business and Technology (including Pori)

Jaakko Karppinen, substitute member Jonna Auvinen
Milla Väänänen, substitute member Karoliina Mäihäniemi
We are looking for representatives from Pori Kampus

Civil Engineering

Elina Laine, substitute member Salla Saukkoriipi
Kasperi Pirttikoski, substitute member Tanel Tiainen

Computing and Electrical Engineering

Mikko Kauhanen, substitute member Olli Eloranta
Mervi Mahlamäki, substitute member Atte Piispanen

Engineering Sciences

Henri Määttä, substitute member Valtteri Paajanen
Jani Sulunsilta, substitute member needed
Janna Peuranen, substitute member Juulia Vehkalahti

International Degree Programme in Science and Engineering

Bomi Koo, substitute member Quoing Tao
Tuomas Tinus, substitute member Ankur Dahama

Natural Sciences

Sanna Kallio, substitute member Paula Sajaniemi
Kaisa Järvinen, substitute member Nelli Putkonen
Joonas Pekkonen, substitute member Joni Heikkilä
Jani Patrakka, substitute member Joonas Salo

Photonics Technologies

Lauri Salmela
Timo Stolt

Doctoral degree planning groups

Natural Sciences

Anna Pääkkönen, substitute member Laura Salo

Built Environment and Business and Technology

Petri Annila, substitute member Iida Kalakoski
Lauri Vuorinen, subtitute member Johanna Kirjavainen

Engineering Sciences

Henna Niemelä-Anttonen, we are looking for a substitute member

Computing and Electrical Engineering

We are looking for PhD members studying Electrical Engineering
We are looking for PhD members studying Computing Engineering


We are looking for PhD members studying Biomedical Sciences and Engineering

Education development groups within laboratories

The recruiting is organized by guilds.

Architecture: Basics of architecture, building design and housing design

Jesse Kitinoja and Aino Horn

Architecture: Community planning

Laura Kömi and Essi Nisonen

Architecture: Renovation, Building Heritage Management (History of Architecture)

Mari-Sohvi Miettinen and Janita Laakkonen

Architecture: Art and computing

Eetu Lehmusvaara
Aino Horn

Automation and Hydraulics Engineering

Tuulia Kusmin
Jani Sulunsilta

Automation and Hydraulics Engineering, international group

We are looking for members

Materials Science, international group

We are looking for members


Niko Gullstén, substitute member Ville Silvonen

Chemistry and Bioengineering

Paula Sajaniemi
Niklas Nest
Meri Suksi
Kaisa Järvinen
Noora Nyberg

Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Systems

Terhi Solin
Juulia Vehkalahti
Tero Holopainen


Inka Ruoste, substitute member Matias Ala-Sunila

Materials Science

Paavo Peltola, substitute member Stiina Kinnunen


Maria Yli-Huhtala, we are looking for a substitute member

Industrial and Information Management

Jaakko Karppinen, substitute member Mikko Sairanen
Janna Kähärä, substitute member Susanna Lehtonen

Tampere3 planning groups

Business and management

Elina Ala-Mäyry


Riina Ulkuniemi

Electrical engineering

Juha Köykkä

Energy, chemical and process engineering

Niko Salonen

Health and society (SOTE)

Erika Nojonen


Tiina Mikkonen

Language and communication studies

Edustajaa haetaan.

Mechanical engineering

Sari Lappalainen

Natural science and engineering

Joonas Salo

Smart Society

Juho Ojares

Contact information and posters

All TUT hallopeds: kopo-halloped (at)

Academic board hallopeds: konsistori-halloped (at)
Education council hallopeds: on-halloped (at)

Hallopeds in Faculty councils as well as all other hallopeds in the faculty can be contacted:
Faculty of Engineering Sciences:  tti-halloped (at)
Faculty of Natural Sciences: ltt-halloped (at)
Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering: tst-halloped (at)
Faculty of Business and Built Environment: trt-halloped (at)

All the postgraduate hallopeds: jatko-halloped (at)

All guildrooms have guild-spesific halloped lists with personal contact information.

Halloped posters

Konsistori, koulutusneuvosto, jatkokoulutusneuvosto, oikaisulautakunta
Academic Board, Education Council, Appeals Committee
Autek, KoRK, MIK
Autek, KoRK, MIK
Bioner, YKI
Bioner, YKI
Indecs, Man@ger
Indecs, Man@ger
Skilta, TiTe
Skilta, TiTe