Advocacy areas

Social affairs

Student’s social affairs comprise many areas:

  • livelihood and social security
  • housing
  • health and well-being
  • nutrition
  • non-discrimination.

At TTYY, social affairs are in the capable hands of the board’s social affairs representative as well as the social affairs secretary. The social affairs sector of the student union aims to develop the university community in such a way that TUT students would have a solid foundation (health, well-being, housing, livelihood) for their studies so that they can focus on their work, studying.

They are assisted by the safeguarding section which is full of ideas and open to all members of the student union. The section organises events, issues statements on social affairs matters affecting students and introduces ideas to the social affairs representatives.

The social affairs section also cooperates with external bodies. There is ongoing cooperation with TUT’s student services, FSHS, Juvenes, TOAS and the City of Tampere. Other significant local partners include the Student Union of University of Tampere (Tamy) and the Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences (Tamko) and on a national level the National Union of University Students of Finland (SYL).

Educational affairs

TTYY’s educational safeguarding:

  • student representatives in administration, also known as hallopeds
  • tutoring coordination together with the university
  • safeguarding section together with the social affairs sector
  • rules and guidelines related to students
  • national and local advocacy together with SYL, Tamy and Tamko.

Educational affairs (or “kopo”, short from the Finnish term “koulutuspoliittinen”) entails studying, teaching, student’s legal protection as well as matters related to the university and its administration. To put it simply, it is the part of the student union operations that has a daily effect on each TUT student regardless of other interests.

Educational policy does, in fact, sound a bit too serious. It may sound like official and time-consuming work of small-time politicians but in reality it’s about caring about our education. After all, that’s why we are in the university! The people in charge of educational affairs at the student union are “kopo” board members as well as a secretary of educational affairs. Their task is to make sure the students’ voices are heard all over the university and that the staff remembers to keep the students’ interests in mind when making decisions. Fortunately, at TUT even the presidents are interested in what we have to say.

You can contact the student union educational affairs sector by emailing or visiting our office.


Internationality manifests itself in our operation in the following areas:

  • exchange studies and related info events
  • international section
  • tandem language learning
  • international tutoring
  • international week
  • international clubs.

You don’t need to travel to become more international. Internationality affects each aspect of the student union and is taken into consideration in all operation. Each year, 400 international students start their studies in TUT, so every TUT student has the opportunity to expand their world view without even leaving the campus. In autumn 2016, the number will increase even further, as English-language bachelor’s degree programmes are launched in both IT and in Science and Engineering.

The board member in charge of international affairs is responsible for TTYY’s international safeguarding. Other bodies working in this sector are the guilds’ international affairs representatives, international tutors and the international section. The international tutors are in charge of getting the international students started and to familiarise them with teekkari culture. This task is shared with the guilds’ international affairs representatives. The international section deals with matters related to the internationality and exchange studies of all students as well as the international students and it is open to all. Every autumn, TTYY’s international section organises a five-day international week during which a number of events supporting internationality are organised and students are encouraged to become more international.

If you want to know more about the international section, go here and join the section’s email group here.


TTYY aims to promote non-discrimination in all its operations. Non-discrimination as a concept refers to everyone having the opportunity to participate regardless of age, ethnicity, nationality, language, religion, devotion, opinion, state of health, disability, sexual orientation or other personal reason.

In order to promote non-discrimination in TTYY’s operations, a council-approved plan has been drafted. It is available here in PDF format: TTYY Non-discrimination plan 2016–2018. The non-discrimination plan includes instructions on what to do in case of harassment, information on accessibility, instructions for discriminating teaching situations as well as a sauna guide.

In non-discrimination issues, please contact TTYY’s harassment support persons:
Laura Kaipia, hairintanainen(at)
Riku Vääriskoski, hairintamies(at)