Other forms of participation

In addition to social and educational affairs, our students hold positions of trust in our various interest groups. Memberships in these boards are of fixed term and the student union will announce any vacant position. Depending on the position, the representative is selected and appointed by the board or the council.

Municipal politics

There are approximately 35 000 university students in Tampere at the moment which means a sixth of the city’s population. In 2008, a group was founded for municipal elections bringing together the representatives of TTYY, Tamy and Tamko. In 2012, the group was renamed: Ryhmä 35 000. The group is supported by Opiskelijan Tampere (OT).

Students are a significant part of Tampere’s image which is why Ryhmä 35 000’s objective is to make students heard in municipal decision-making and to improve the students’ status in Tampere. For more information on the group’s objectives and principles, go to jokakuudes.fi.