Council election 2017


TTYY and Tamy will merge in January 2019. The student union council that is elected during fall 2017 will be the last council of Finland’s only Teekkari student union. What is our legacy to the new student union?

Only by voting or signing up as a candidate in the coming student council elections you are able to affect who is going to decide what kind of legacy TTYY will give to the new student union.

The Student Union Council (“edustajisto”) is elected every second year in general elections. The Council has 35 members and is the highest decision-making body in the Student Union. In 2017, the Student Union Council elections will take place on 7th and 8th of November and advance voting from 28th of October to 2nd of November. The Council will be elected for a term of two years (2018–2019). Sign up as a candidate using the candidacy form (found also at Paula’s desk).  Sign up is open until 2.10. 12:00 (noon).

(Ready-to-fill forms are located at the bottom of this site in materials section)


Time table:

Sign-up for candidacy by 2.10 noon
Election days: 7.11. – 8.11.2017
Advance voting: 31.10. – 2.11.2017


The voting takes place online. In order to vote, you need to log in with your TUT intranet user account. In case you have forgotten your intranet username or password, or don’t know how to use them, please contact the TUT IT-Helpdesk, If you encounter any other problem, you may contact either of the polling stations or

The link to the online voting is

The upcoming elections will be conducted according to TTYY’s current election rules (“vaalijärjestys”). These rules are available for viewing at the Student Union office, at Paula’s desk (Paulan tiski), during the opening hours, as well as online at The rules exist only in Finnish. You can find Paula’s desk on the second floor of TUT main building (Päätalo).

More information:

Election announcement: TTYY:n keskusvaalilautakunnan 10.8.2017 antama vaalikuulutus
TTYY Central Electoral Committee,


Candidate application: Ehdokasilmoitus TTYY:n edustajistovaaleihin 2017
Electoral Alliance Agreement: Vaaliliiton sopimuskirja 2017
Electoral Circle Agreement: Vaalirenkaan sopimuskirja 2017
How to fill forms: Täyttöohjeet ja usein kysytyt kysymykset