Tampere3 refers to a process which merges Tampere University of Technology and Tampere University into one foundation university. This new university will start operating from January of 2019 on. In addition, Tampere University of Applied Sciences will be a part of the new university corporation – it operates as limited company, and it will be transferred under the ownership of the foundation. Because there are separate laws bounding the universities and the universities of applied sciences, these organizations will continue generating different kinds of degrees. However, there will be wider co-operation in education – this means mutual courses with students of Tampere University of Applied Sciences and students of current UTA.

What is the aim of the process?

Tampere3 has nationwide goals: the new university should have strengths both educational and research-wise. The research should be globally respected and recognized, and high-quality degree education should meet the needs of working life and research. The university should challenge the different fields of education and research to develop multi-disciplinary co-operation; in practice this would mean that technology would play a role also in the social sciences, for example. When it comes to studying itself, the goal is that technology, health, society, economy, and leadership would form more flexible study paths than they do now. At the same time there will be a wider range of optional studies to choose from.

How does the process proceed?

In the year of 2018 there will be taken a lot of big steps in order to get the new university operating from the beginning of 2017  on. In spring 2018 the becoming university will get its first president. In April, the new academic board should start operating – then this board can make decisions about matters concerning the education and the research. In addition, the Regulations are being determined, for example the University Regulations and The Degree Regulations. More info you can read from here.


Who are in charge for the process?

In the spring 2017, the foundation for the new university was established. The first board was elected in summer of the same year. There are seven people operating in the board; the chairperson is Marja Makarow, and the other board members are vice-chairperson J. T. Bergqvist, Linda Soikkeli, Liisa Husu, Pekka Puustinen, Lauri Lyly, and Risto Nieminen. From the beginning of 2017 the leader of the fusion has been Marianne Kukko, who coordinates the work of different preparation organs and is a presenter for the foundation board.

What is the name of the new university?

Discussions about the name of the new university has been active for a couple of years now. As the foundation was established in April 2017, the name suggestion was released: “Tampereen uusi yliopisto, Tampere New University.” This proposal received a myriad of criticism, and the new suggestion was released in autumn 2017. The new university shall be called “Tampereen yliopisto, Tampere University.” The Finnish name is the same as the current University of Tampere. That is why the student union emphasizes that there must be a new brand for the university and the community, so that TUT does not just blend in with the UTA. Once and for all the name will be decided in Finnish Parliament before the end of 2017.

Do I graduate as Architect or Master of Science in Technology also in the future?

Yes, you do. The fusion of the universities and Tampere University of Applied Sciences is carried out on the grounds of the current legislation. Even though in the future there would be much more co-operation when it comes to studying and arranging courses, the degrees will stay separate. There has not been a discussions that in the first years the university would eliminate degree programs – that means that the TUT degree programs shall be preserved.

How does this affect my studies?

Starting from the 1st of January 2019, TUT students will become student in the new university. In practice, bigger changes will occur in a wider time frame. There will be a wider selection of courses for the students to choose; there can be joint courses with the student of Tampere University of Applied Sciences but also the student of current UTA. The planning of mutual curriculum process was started in the autumn 2016, and TUT has carried out a so called curriculum mapping in faculties in order to get a good view on what kind of knowledge and know-how the degree programs actually generate.

The Degree Regulations are to be determined in September or October 2018. In these regulations, the periods of transitions will be defined. The student unions will example make sure that nobody’s studies are going to be delayed because of these changes.

What kind of structure does the new university have?

The first proposal for the faculty structure was released in the end of November 2017. In this proposal, there are seven faculties. The student union made a statement together with the guilds in order to point out the role of technical degree programs – you can read more about it here. The both student unions, TTYY and Tamy, have defended a structure which includes faculties and the central administration. There have been discussions about the so called “schools”, for example the school of technology and health. The student unions have pointed out that the school structure could complicate the multidisciplinary co-operation between the faculties. The names of faculties and the structure itself will be determined in the spring 2018 at the earliest.

What is the future of the student union?

In 2019, as the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology will be merged into one, also the student unions will join forces. Due to separate legislation, Tamko, the Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences will remain separate from the new student union. However, the student unions will continue working together even more closely in the following years.

In the year 2018, the biggest project of both the student unions is to prepare for the merging. The boards and staff members of the student unions will work together on a weekly basis, and the student unions have go a mutual employee in the autumn of 2017. The new student union will be the second largest in Finland, right after Helsinki.

What will happen to teekkari culture?

Teekkari culture will be a strong part of Tampere also in the future. In the year 2018, a teekkari association will be established, and it will carry on the traditions, such as teekkarikaste (dipping in Tammerkoski). There will be also a whole new culture created for the new student union, and the planning of which will be started already before the actual merging. For instance, FuksiWundeRunde by TTYY and Downtown Orienteering by Tamy will be unified into a big event that will take place in the autumn of 2018.