One of the key tasks of the student union is safeguarding the interests of students within the university but also on a national level. The safeguarding is practised by

  1. the educational affairs,
  2. social affairs and
  3. international sectors

as well as their sub-sectors.

The goals of safeguarding are often a formed by the combination of views from all sectors. Non-discrimination is an important principle guiding all safeguarding. Matters dealt in safeguarding include:

  • study grant
  • housing
  • healthcare
  • social exclusion
  • quality and criteria of education
  • life-long learning
  • student’s role within the university community
  • internationality.

Safeguarding visible to students is also practised through organisation and teekkari sectors.

Dozen experts & plenty of cooperation

There are about a dozen operators on the board and among the secretaries of the student union focused on matters regarding safeguarding and they can be approached with problems or questions related to everyday safeguarding. There are students involved in various bodies and committees within the university. They are safeguarding the interests of students particularly when matters affecting studying, studies and circumstances surrounding studying are handled. Safeguarding practises can be witnessed through sections, which support it and enable interaction among a larger group of members.

The key partner in safeguarding is the National Union of University Students in Finland, SYL. With the help of the network and the support it offers, working towards common national and international goals is more effective.  Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland, TEK, also safeguards the interests of students and professionals in the field of technology offering an extensive range of support and expertise.