The student union, together with PerinneSeura, rents out a trailer. The rates are student-friendly. In order to rent the trailer, you must be a student union member and hold a driving licence (class B or higher) approved in Finland. Faculties or departments may not rent the trailer. Student union members may, however, rent the trailer for a guild, a club or similar.


  1. Read the Trailer rental instructions and rules (PDF) carefully.
  2. Check availability and make your reservation on the reservation calendar. Please read the reservation calendar instructions before placing your reservation.
  3. The keys are collected from the student union office. You will also be given the proof of registration. You must have the proof of registration with you when driving with the trailer.
  4. The trailer is located in the TUT bomb shelter, inside the ramp. Access to the bomb shelter is from inside the Rakennustalo building on foot and from the Korkeakoulunkatu street by car. Do not forget to close the doors.
  5. Following use: The trailer must be returned to its spot in the ramp and the straps fastened on the hooks inside the hood. The keys must be returned to the student union service desk or, outside office hours, in the black mailbox outside the student union office.

During the summer season 1.6. – 20.8. the trailer is rent by sending to pseura-karry(at) Note that the reservation calendar is out of use on summertime. You will be informed about collecting and returning of the keys via email.

The rent is paid in cash when collecting the keys. Any additional costs must be paid at the end of the rental period. Bookings must be cancelled three days before the rental period. If the booking has not been cancelled, a minimum rental fee (EUR 5) shall be charged.

The renter is responsible for any damages they cause and must reimburse them and make a notification of them. When notifying of a damage caused by themselves, the renter shall pay no more than the insurance deductible (EUR 150). For any unnotified damage, the renter must pay the insurance deductible + EUR 30 for each day of repair.

Price and info

  • Rates: EUR 5/1 h, EUR 10/3h, EUR 20/24 h (from 10 a.m. to 10 a.m.) (NOTE! 24 h rate only available for 10 AM to 10 AM), EUR 40/weekend (from Fri 3 p.m. to Mon 10 a.m.)
  • Terms and conditions: The trailer is available for rent only for TTYY members and clubs. The renter must inspect the trailer before use and notify of any defect or damage without delay to: pseura-karry(at) , otherwise the renter shall be held responsible for the defects.
  • The trailer dimensions are 132 X 300 cm.
  • The plastic hood is 90 centimetres high. Maximum load is 750 kg (trailer 150 kg, hood 40 kg).

Before use

Check that the trailer has the following features:

1 hitch lock
1 pad lock
1 hood lock
2 tie-down straps
1 proof of registration
1 set of keys.

Also check that the lights work and conduct a visual inspection to make sure the hitch is straight and that the tyre pressure is correct.


PerinneSeura reserves the right to changes. Questions and damage notifications should be directed to pseura-karry(at)