The student union together with TTMK rents a van for the students to use. The rates are student-friendly and well below those of rental companies. In order to rent the van, you must be a student union member and hold a driving licence (class B or higher) approved in Finland. Departments may not rent the van. Student union members may, however, rent the van for a guild, a club or similar.

The van was replaced in 2014.

NOTE! At the turn of the month (+/- 2 days), the rental period is a maximum of 6 h/person. During summer holiday of Paula’s desk, the keys are collected via TTMK!



The van is parked in parking spot 71


  1. Read the VAN RENTAL INSTRUCTIONS (PDF)  carefully.
  2. Check availability and make your reservation on the reservation calendar. Please read the reservation calendar instructions before placing your reservation.
  3. The reservation must be cancelled a week before the scheduled booking.
  4. The keys are collected from the student union office on weekdays between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. (please note exceptional opening hours during holidays).
  5. Do not forget to fill in the starting kilometre reading in the driving log.
  6. Check for any new damage caused by the previous driver.
  7. If the tank has less than half left, fill it with diesel fuel at the Hervanta Shell petrol station and put it in TTMK’s tab (quote TTMK at the register – the sales person knows the deal and charges TTMK’s card).
  8. Drive carefully and pay special attention to the right side of the van in narrow spaces.
  9. Fill in the driving log.
  10. Return the keys immediately after using the van to the student union office. At night, you can drop the keys in the black mailbox outside the student union office.
  11. Wait for the invoice which will be delivered via email or, if you prefer, as a letter usually within two months.
  12. Questions about invoicing, the cars condition etc? You can contact paku(at)

The rear and side doors open when you put the key in the driver’s door and turn it counter-clockwise, then return it to mid-position and then turn it again counter-clockwise. The backspace is 280 cm long, 160 cm wide and 170 cm high.

You can find the contact info for the person responsible for the van on TTMK van web site:


Van rates

– EUR 10/starting three-hour period + EUR 0.46/km
– night-time rate: if you pick up the van after 6 p.m. in the evening and return it by 9 a.m. the following morning, the hourly rate is halved (EUR 5/starting three-hour period + EUR 0.46/km)
– Rates include petrol. Minimum amount to be invoiced is EUR 12 and the payment term is 14 days.
– The cost is calculated according to BOOKED hours.
– If you need the van for a longer drive, contact paku(at) for rates.

Penalty fees

– Clarifying unclear invoicing address: EUR 2
– Late cancellation: EUR 12
– Late payment fee: EUR 5
– Late return of keys: EUR 40
– If the van is parked to the wrong parking spot there will be an extra: EUR 10 fee for that
– Damage requiring repairs: EUR 500 (insurance deductible) + EUR 35/day for each day when the van is out of use. Please report the damages immediately to paku(at) and the Student union. If you do this, you only pay the insurance deductible.