Accommodation facilities

Hotel Torni is an accommodation facility owned by TTYY and located downstairs of Tekniikankatu 10 C. It can be used by TTYY’s organisations

for accommodating excursion groups from another town, for example. If an excursion group wishes to stay in Hotel Torni, they should contact an organisation operating in the region of TTYY, not TTYY office directly. The facilities are inspected after each use. If they are found untidy, TTYY will charge the organisation for cleaning costs. A TTYY representative can interrupt the use of the facilities, if necessary, if it causes disruption to the other residents of the building or if it is in any other way inappropriate.

A daily inspection fee of EUR 50 is paid for the use of the facility to TSOP FI58 5730 0820 2765 05. Receipt of payment must be presented when collecting the key.

For more information, contact the TTYY office on the 2nd floor of the main building (Office Secretary Paula Nykänen, ttyy(at), 040 713 0073).

Hotel Torni has beds and mattresses for 26 people.