Student card and academic year sticker

To be entitled to student discounts, you must hold a student card with valid academic year sticker. The card is ordered via Student union and it costs 10 €. At TUT, the student card also functions as an access card used to access university buildings after closing time. The same card is used to access computer rooms and the sports arena. The card also functions as a rechargeable meal card in the campus restaurants as well as a library card and printing card. The student card is very useful when travelling or shopping. The National Union of University Students of Finland (SYL) has made agreements with several communities for student discounts that are at your disposal just by presenting your card. Opiskelijan Tampere has also negotiated many local student discounts.

Bachelor’s and master’s degree student have a blue card and doctoral students a green card. Post-graduate students are not entitled to Matkahuolto or VR ticket discounts. On a national level, post-graduate students are not entitled to discounts in student restaurants. However, Juvenes offers a discounted lunch for post-graduate students. Post-graduate students are entitled to student discounts offered by Suomen hostellijärjestö.

To get your student card, you must have paid the student union fee and after that fill out an online application.

Card order

Before you make an order, please make sure that:

  • you have enrolled as present and payed the membership fee
  • your device contains an appropriate photo of you (The format of the photo must be JPG and size may be 4 megabytes at maximum. You can crop the photo after uploading it.)
  • you are able to pay for the card (10 €) via an e-payment or with a credit card when making the order.

The card order will go directly to the card manufacturer. The estimated manufacturing time is two weeks. The student card can be collected from your own Student Union. If you have chosen for the card to be delivered to the Pori unit, it can be collected from the Pointer ry’s office. TUT cards can be collected from Paula’s desk. When collecting your card, you must have photo identification (passport, driver’s license or an official ID card) with you.

If the card is not collected within 2 years, the card will become the Student Union’s property and it will be destroyed. If you have ordered the card with a photo that does not meet the criteria, the card will not be given to you and the payment will not be refunded, and you will have to order a new card that meets the criteria.

Appropriate photograph:

  • Face photo resembling a passport photo (doesn’t have to be official passport photo)
  • Recognizable, shows entire face, well-sized and well-lit
  • NO: full body photo, partial face photo, badly-lit or poor contrast

Order the card here

If you have problems with the order, please contact ttyy(at)

Academic year sticker

For you to be entitled to student discounts, your student card must have a valid academic year sticker. Once you have paid the student union membership fee, you can collect your new semester or academic year sticker from Paula’s desk at the TTYY office or the Student Affairs Office in the Kampusareena building. There will also be special desks on campus in the autumn to change your sticker, follow our website. The sticker is according to your enrollment, if you have enrolled for the autumn semester only, you will receive a semester sticker and if you have enrolled for the entire year, you will receive the academic year sticker. If you have enrolled only to spring semester, you will receive the academic year sticker in January. Without a valid semester or academic year sticker you are not entitled to student discounts. The preceding academic year’s sticker is valid until the end of September.