The student union offers three different types of grants the purpose, amount and grounds of which differ. The grants are intended for all the organisations operating in the region of TTYY. The types of grants are

  • organisation grant
  • project grant
  • encouragement grant

In addition to these the Student Union of Tampere University of Technology has a special project support to organizations participating to the first event of the new student union. The instructions for applying and general principles og granting are here. The applying form can be downloaded here.

Organisation grant

The TTYY board decides on the distribution of organisation grants within the financial framework (grant budget) set by the council. The TTYY board decides on the distribution of the organisation grants among the clubs that have applied for it. The board will abide by the principles below when making decisions regarding the distribution of organisation grants.

The TTYY board will consider the organisation grant applications in relation to the applicant’s financial and operational status.  The final decisions are at the discretion of the board. The aim is to distribute the grants in relation to the size and scope of activity of the applicant as the board sees fit. The purpose of the organisation grant is to encourage clubs to develop their activities. The grant applications are processed toward the end of spring/summer.

For more information regarding organisation grants, contact the organisation sector: jarjestot(a)

Prerequisites for organisation grant:

  • AY-kilke has been fully filled out every year by the set deadline.
  • All necessary documents (report on operations, operational plan, final accounts and budget) have been submitted.
  • When filling out the AY-kilke, a grant application with concise but valid grounds detailing the allocation of the grant money must be submitted.
  • There must be an established financial need for the organisation grant.
  • The grant is meant for general use, not just for the club board and operatives.
  • Other requirements set by the student union or council have been fulfilled.

The following is taken into consideration in the decision-making:

  • The club promotes a positive image of students, the student union or the university.
  • The club is open to anyone in the student union. The club communications in Finnish and in English reach a large portion of student union members.
  • The club maintains an up-do-date membership register revealing the number of TTYY members.

Project grant

TTYY organisations can apply for a project grant for an unexpected need occurring in the middle of the year and thus not included in the budget. Project grant is not to be used in the club’s general activities such as excursions or sauna evenings. Organisation grant is meant to support general club activity.

In order to qualify for project grant, the club must show initiative by acquiring funding from elsewhere or investing its own funds. The student union’s grant is a maximum of half of the total cost of the project – unless the project is clearly a charity project. Projects incurring surplus are, as a rule, not funded.

The following will be taken into account – and must be included in the application – when distributing grants:

  • project plan and budget
  • size of project target group
  • project target group and the share of teekkaris, in particular
  • recurrence, regularity and internationality of the event
  • financial situation of the applicant (preferably also the latest final accounts)
  • grants applied for and granted for the project by other bodies
  • previous grants received in the current calendar year and possibly previous years
  • activity in accordance with the organisation rules.

A final report of the project must be submitted to the student union. The report must include the following:

  • project final accounts with budget comparison
  • surplus current and fixed assets
  • project description
  • participants, if possible
  • use of possible surplus.

If the report is not submitted or the money is used on something else the grant may be recovered.

The project grant form (rtf) with attachments is sent to jarjestot(a)

For more information, contact the board member in charge of finance affairs at talous(a) or the organisation sector at jarjestot(a )

It is also advisable to have a look at the project guide.

Encouragement grant

Encouragement grant is a new kind of grant the purpose of which is to encourage organisations to continue their operation. Anyone can nominate a recipient for the encouragement grant year round and the TTYY board selects grant recipients among the nominations. You can nominate organisations whose operation has promoted the teekkari culture and generated positive teekkari spirit. Use the following form to nominate an organisation!

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