For guilds and clubs

There are dozens of different kinds of sub-organisations operating under TTYY: guilds, vocational clubs, international clubs and leisure clubs. In addition, there are several sports clubs operating within TUrVoKe ry, the teekkari sports club.

The student union supports the activity of the clubs with various kinds of grants, by organising club rooms and other tools and assisting in problematic situations like rule amendments and insurance issues. This site offers comprehensive Sub-organization guide as well as hints and tips on how to found a sub-organisation and amend rules and also includes the Temppu rules template.

Frequently asked questions

How to establish a new club?

Contact Organizational Officer and discuss your idea. Make sure that similar club doesn’t already exist in TUT. It is advisable to formulate the rules of the club together with the Organizational Officer in order for them to be compatible with the policy of the Council.

The club is founded in a constitutive meeting, where all interested persons gather and approve the rules. The minutes of the meeting and the approved rules are then passed on to the Student Union to be finally approved by the Council. Along with the minutes and rules the club should submit contact information for the members of its board and its account number. Approving the rules of a club takes time due to the many steps of the procedure. If you wish to found a club or change the rules of an existing club, contact the Organizational Sector as early as possible.