For post-graduate student

As a student union member, a post-graduate student is entitled to membership services, such as renting the van or the trailer. In addition, post-graduate students get their own teekkari calendar at the beginning of the academic year. The university will send an email concerning the amount of the membership fee and payment details at the beginning of each semester.

For further information on membership fees, contact ttyy(at) or Paula’s desk.

By paying the membership fee, post-graduate students support the general safeguarding work of the student union both on a national and local level. The post-graduate student card brings concrete benefits, such as the post-graduate student discount for lunch in Juvenes restaurants and student discounts offered by Suomen hostellijärjestö (formerly known as Suomen retkeilymajajärjestö). The post-graduate student card often entitles you to the same discounts as the regular student card. The Opiskelijan Tampere website lists several places that offer student discounts.

Post-graduate students can use Unipoli Sport services for the same discounted price as degree students.

The student union also has a dedicated post-graduate student forum. The purpose of the forum is to support the development of safeguarding the interests of post-graduate students and to provide a platform for discussion among post-graduate students.