TUT campus

The compact TUT campus offers an excellent setting for studying, leisure activities and sports. Students can enter the campus 24/7 so you can burn the midnight oil in the computer room, if necessary. However, let’s not take the open campus for granted: please, take good care of our shared facilities. Your student card is also your access card which you can activate at any info point on campus.


The campus consists of a few larger buildings with easy access. Teaching facilities are located mainly in the Tietotalo, Sähkötalo, Rakennustalo, Festia and Konetalo buildings. There are also the main building (Päätalo), Kampusareena and Tamppi Areena buildings. The guild and club rooms are located all over campus.


The university library is in the Kampusareena building. In addition to books, you will find rooms for independent and group work there. Some of the group rooms can be booked in advance.

Language center facilities

New language center facilities in Päätalo 1st and 2nd floor were opened in 2017. Here you can find study places, such as chat boxes and screens on the corridors that you are free to use without reservation. On the 1st floor there is also a kitchen that can be reserved until 10 PM. There are also lockers for keeping your bags.


There are three restaurants on campus and they all provide meals for the student-friendly price of EUR 2.60. The restaurants are located in three buildings: Hertsi in the Tietotalo building, Reaktori in the Kampusareena building and Newton and Konehuone in the Konetalo building. There is also a café adjacent to each restaurant.


In addition to buildings, the TUT campus consists of outside areas. The lawn next to the Tietotalo building is the starting point for many events and a meeting place in the summer and during Wappu. The lawn is dominated by the large Obelisk so it very easy to spot.

The teekkari sauna Mörrimöykky where sauna evenings are organised almost every week is only a stone’s throw away from campus.

TUT campus
The TUT campus comprises the Kampusareena, Tietotalo, Sähkötalo and Rakennustalo buildings, the Main building (Päätalo) as well as the Festia and Konetalo buildings. In addition, there are sports facilities (Tamppi Areena), the teekkari sauna and parking facilities. The bus stops and routes are also marked on the picture (some bus routes have changed since updating the map).