Supporting studying

Services for exchange students

Services for exchange students are centralized in Student Affairs Office, Kampusareena 2nd floor. See POP for further instructions.

Student tutors

The student union runs a tutoring programme together with the university. Tutor is the first person for a student to turn to, particularly at the beginning of studies. If your tutor is unable to solve your problem they will find out who can help you.

Study guidance and counselling

If you need support in your studies or are unsure of your choices, you should go and have a chat with a counsellor. The university offers comprehensive study guidance and counselling services.

Study counsellor

Students can contact the student counsellor when they feel they have a need to talk to someone about their studies and plans in general.

Contact information on POP.

Student psychologist

The services of TUT’s Student Counselling Psychologist are available to all students pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree at TUT. Please make an appointment with the Student Counselling Psychologist, if you want to improve your motivation, develop your academic skills, discuss time management or talk about other issues related to your studies and well-being.

Contact information on POP.

Student advisors and academic coordinators

If you need help in coordinating your studies, contact the student advisor of your degree programme. Your student advisor can help you with planning your studies and your HOPS, for example. They will also guide you towards the right direction, if necessary.

Academic coordinators approve HOPSs and assist in exceptional cases such as getting personal study units or studies completed elsewhere approved. Each faculty has their own academic coordinator.

Contact information on POP.

Equality, accessibility and non-discrimination

The university and the student union aim to provide equal opportunity to study. For more information on accessibility, go to POP or contact the TUT accessibility contact person.

In Student Union updated equality plan is guiding equality for years 2016-2018. Unfortunately the equality plan is available only in Finnish. Results of equality survey 2015 is found from equality plan attachment (pages 30-36).

In non-discrimination issues, please contact the student union harassment support persons:

Laura Kaipia, hairintanainen(at)
Riku Vääriskoski, hairintamies(at)