Sports services

Teekkareiden Urheilu- ja Voimailukerho ry (TUrVoKe ry) offers sports services for TUT staff and students. For students, they are a membership service.

UNIPOLI Sport – Shared sports services for Tampere universities


By paying your own institution’s sports fee, you are entitled to use the sports services on all three campuses (TAMK, TUT and UTA). The range of services includes gyms, group fitness classes, courses and ballgames. In addition, there are services for individuals.

The Unipoli Sport fee is paid in accordance with your own university’s practices. You can pay for a semester or a full year at a time. You must pay the fee to the university you are registered in. After that you can use the services provided by your campus and, after acquiring access rights, also on the other two campuses.

Access rights to other campuses must be acquired in person. Bring your Unipoli Sport fee payment receipt, proof of identity and student card.

You must touch your access card to the reader every time you use sports services.

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TUT sports facilities

The TUT campus offers a versatile range of exercise facilities. The flagship is the 1 000-square-metre Tamppi Areena which with its ball games hall that can be divided into three parts, group exercise room and two gyms offers an excellent setting for exercise.

The ball games hall has six badminton courts, three transverse and one longitudinal volleyball court, two transverse and one longitudinal basket ball court, three transverse sähly rinks and one floorball rink, and an indoor football court and a handball court. The hall is also ideal for other sports such as martial arts, dance, aerobics and ultimate.

The two floorball rinks, practice wall, climbing wall, tatami and mini skate ramp in the Rakennustalo building’s bomb shelter Bommari and the beach volley court next to the car park behind the Main building extend the possibilities even further.

In addition to using the facilities on your own, you can join group fitness classes, exercise courses, sports theme days and trips to fairs. TUrVoKe ry’s twenty or so sports sections focused on different sports also organise activities.

Sports fee entitles to use the services

To be entitled to use TUT sports services, you must pay the sports fee. The fee applies to all sports activities and must be paid regardless of facilities used (excluding the sähly rinks in the bomb shelter). You can pay for one semester or the entire academic year at a time.

By paying the fee, you automatically become a member of TUrVoKe ry.

Join a sports section to boost your leisure time exercise

In addition to exercising on your own, you can join a sports section and exercise in a like-minded company. However, remember that in order to join a sports section you must be a member of TUrVoKe. TUrVoKe’s sports sections are independent units with their own rules and boards and they are responsible for their own practices and other activities.

The sports office is located on the second floor of the Tamppi Areena building. The contact information is here.