Public transport

Hervanta bus services

Hervanta is serviced by bus routes 345, 620, 24L and 32. For more detailed routes, go to Repa Reittiopas.


As a student, you can use the city transport at a cheaper rate using the travelcard. You can buy the rechargeable travelcard (EUR 5) at the Tampere City Transport office near Keskustori square (Frenckellinaukio 2B).

Student benefits include a discount on single fare when paying with a stored value ticket (EUR 1.30/journey) and a discount on the 30-day season ticket (EUR 34/30 days). Single fare is EUR 3 in cash. Student discounts are personal, meaning that only the travelcard owner can travel with the tickets. Student discount is available for students over the age of 25 with a valid student card or student certificate issued by the educational institution. If you are over 30 years of age you will also need to supply a proof of Kela study grant to be eligible for the discount. Students under the age of 25 use youth tickets which are the same value as student tickets.

Night fare is EUR 3 in cash and EUR 2.60 with a stored value ticket. Night fare is charged on top of the normal single fare in all age groups on routes that start between midnight and 4.40 a.m. If the fare has been paid before midnight, night fare will be charged only if you change buses after midnight.

For more information, go to the Tampere Public Transport website.