There are several forms of housing available for students in Tampere from student apartments to studios and shared apartments on the open market. We recommend that you start looking for an apartment as soon as you have been accepted. Rooms in shared apartments are usually more readily available due to shorter queues.

Below you will find information on housing.

The Tampere Student Housing Foundation (TOAS)

The Tampere Student Housing Foundation rents, constructs and maintains student housing in Tampere. To apply for TOAS student housing, go to www.toas.fi > Housing Application You should apply as soon as you have been accepted. If you need housing as soon as possible, include all possible locations. Matters affecting the time in which you will be offered housing:

  • date and time when TOAS receives the application
  • group or property in question (room in a shared apartment vs. studio)
  • number of children when applying for a family apartment.

A new student should primarily apply for a room in a shared apartment. For more information, go to the TOAS website.

Opiskelijan Tampere ry’s housing service

Opiskelijan Tampere ry’s housing service brokers open market apartments to students. The service is free, meaning that neither the tenant nor the landlord is charged any kind of fee. Through Opiskelijan Tampere ry you can also find a roommate you can then search housing together with.


Pirkan opiskelija-asuunot Oy

Pirkan opiskelija-asunnot Oy manages apartments owned by the City of Tampere. The apartments are primarily meant for young people studying in Tampere and under 30-year-olds who work. Some of the properties are for students only.


Other landlords in the Tampere region


Tupsula is a student building in Tampere, occupied by active teekkaris. The residents organise all kinds of activities together. At Tupsula, everything (including resident selection) is decided by the resident committee, or Klaani, which consists of all Tupsula residents. The house is managed by TOAS. A good community spirit among residents is the key.

Temporary accommodation

If you have accepted a place to study and are from another town or country and you can not seem to find accommodation despite active search, you might want to consider temporary accommodation for the first couple of days or weeks. That way you can begin your studies in time and continue looking for an apartment while in Tampere. Opiskelijan Tampere organises temporary accommodation for students who need it. If the accommodation provided by Opiskelijan Tampere should be full or there are other problems, please contact TTYY so we can organize an alternative solution.

For more information on temporary accommodation, go to the Opiskelijan Tampere website: www.opiskelijantampere.fi/hatamajoitus. 

Conscription and housing

If you have had your rental apartment for more than three months before entering service, you are eligible for Kela’s housing assistance for actual and reasonable housing expenses. For more information, go to Kela’s Conscripts section.