Wappu calendar 2017

Wed 19.4
  • Fuksi series of Jäynä competition starts
    Wed 19.4 @ 12:00 - 13:00
    Tampere, Finland

    Now is the time to Jäynä!

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  • Tampin paljastus
    Wed 19.4 @ 13:00 - 14:00
    Festian Iso Sali

    This years controversially the best Wappumagazine Tamppi is already the 40th Tamppi ever made! The great mystery shrouding this year’s magazine is lifted in TAMPIN PALJASTUS in Festia’s large auditorium at 13:00. This show will blow your mind, at least if you know Finnish. Even if you don’t understand, come and enjoy the show and have some nanna and töffö. The queue starts building up in the morning so don’t be late!



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  • Pre-Colours
    Wed 19.4 @ 14:00 - 17:00
    In front of Festia Stairs

    An outdoor event right after Tamppi Unveiling to keep the wappu crowd warm for the afternoon. Come and get the pregame going outside our party tent with various games and activities! The best party music played on the background will provide the people with genuine wappu ambience. Want to get past the queue to the party in the evening? PRE-COLOURS is a PRESALE for the Colours-party tickets! Only for the fastest and the boldest. You can also buy the brand new Colours-overall patch.


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  • Namisitsit
    Wed 19.4 @ 16:00 - 21:00
    Teekkarisauna, 33720 Tampere, Finland

    When was the last time your Wappu was like the good old childhood Wappus? When was the last time you truly put yourself to the limit with all the sugarinfused goodnes that used to be the essence of having a great time? Come and re-live the golden wappudays with Bioner on their first ever Namisitsit! On these sitsit there will be no shortage of sweetness or happy faces. With the sugar rush from these sitz you will be able to easily fuel yourself through the whole of Wappu. Fortunately we aren’t living the the childhood anymore so all the thirsty ones will be catered to as well


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  • T1Colours
    Wed 19.4 @ 21:00 - Thu 20.4 04:00
    Viihdemaailma Ilona, Verkatehtaankatu 3, 33100 Tampere, Finland

    Such a party, much WOW, very many COLOURS! The first party of wappu is organized by PerinneSeura. Live music performed by the Colours-band. Every partygoer will get an opportunity to buy an unique Colours-overall patch that blends in with earlier years patches. Also special puzzlepieces are handed out!
    Advance Tickets available in Pre Colours for you and your friend. Be there and fight for them!

    T1 You can get the stamp from the queue


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Thu 20.4
  • T2aTamppi-XQ
    Thu 20.4 @ 09:00 - 20:00

    An excursion to Turku that is mainly dedicated to the sellers of Tamppi. The purpose of the trip is to sell Tamppi in Turku. Excursion starts in the morning and it contains company visit and selling of Tamppi in Turku.
    Welcome aboard!

    T2a Participate on the excursion


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  • T2bUntuvikkojen korkeakoulu
    Thu 20.4 @ 11:00 - 17:00
    Festian katto

    An all-new extreme event at TUT. Rappel down the Festia’s huge wall FREE OF CHARGE ! After you’ve landed you’re welcome to stay and enjoy the unique Wappu atmosphere with us.
    See you at Festia at 20th of April !

    T2b Rapple down from Festia


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  • Food, Drinks, Clock!
    Thu 20.4 @ 12:00 - 15:00
    Front lawn

    Legendary eating competition is here again! If you like being faster than other people or eating free food, this event is made for you! Come and enjoy our nourishments and Wappu feeling at TUT front lawn. The competition is free of charge and doesn’t require signing up in advance.


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  • Ei-turkulainen Wappumysteeri
    Thu 20.4 @ 13:00 - 16:00
    Front lawn

    It’s time to defend Finland and especially Tampere from the impact of turku. Come and investigate the mystery!

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  • Iltapäiväkertho
    Thu 20.4 @ 14:00 - 18:00
    Spinnin kerthohuone, SA014, Skellari

    Raining and freezing outside? Studying terrifies and starting to miss kindergarden times? Spinni solves your problems!
    Climb stairs down to the basement of Sähkötalo and arrive to the club room of Spinni, SA014 on starting at 1 PM. Spinni offers some snacks, coloring books (for adults), games, lot of friends to play with - not to mention awesome music and lights.
    Spinni <3 you


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  • T2cTeekkarikuoro's wappu concert
    Thu 20.4 @ 18:00 - 20:00
    Festian Iso Sali

    The choir of TUT, Teekkarikuoro, presents Wappu people with an evening of joyful merriment at their concert full of drinking songs and other fine tunes. Welcome!
    T2c Go to the concert


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  • Random videopeliturnaus
    Thu 20.4 @ 18:00 - 22:00
    TTEPOn kerhohuone SA013

    Do you feel that you can handle any video game? That you have born with a controller in your hands and you are able to nail any single player and multiplayer games and rumbles leaving you always as the winner?
    This Wappu TTEPO & TYPO are arranging a random video game tournament where the tournament is competed with random video game consoles, games and rules for the title of Wappu 2017 Random Video Game Master! In other words, the participants won’t know the played video games or the rules before hand. The winner will get something nice and random as a prize.
    So, all you need to do is to come to TTEPO’s clubroom in Skellari SA013 early enough before the tournament starts to ensure your participation in the tournament! The participation is free but the number of participants is limited!


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Fri 21.4
  • Hiukkasen perinteinen polttopalloturnaus
    Fri 21.4 @ 09:00 - 12:00
    Tamppi Areena, 33720 Tampere, Finland

    Hiukkanen organizes a dodgeball tournament once again after a couple years. In order to participate, you need a team of 5 people and you must sign up in advance and it costs 5 euros per team. There will be amazing prizes for the tournament’s winning team but you might get awarded just by having an exceptional team spirit.


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  • Teekkarin TurwaWappu
    Fri 21.4 @ 12:00 - 14:00
    Front lawn

    Welcome to participate in the most safety event of Wappu. SaFir offers again opportunity for Wappu folk to give a good ride for the safety shoe. It is time to find out which fuksi or teekkari will be the new world champion of throwing the safety shoe. Come and rewrite the world record number 14,55 meter which was made in the last year. The best ones will be rewarded!


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  • T3bTARAKIn Tankofutisturnaus
    Fri 21.4 @ 12:00 - 16:00
    Front lawn

    Are you a friend of football? Are you a United or a Barcelona fan? No matter which team is your favorite, now it’s your time to show your love for the sport! Come and join TARAKIs Human Table Football tournament with your 5-member team or find your team from the spot! If you’re better outside the field, you can join the atmosphere by cheering your favorite team! Best fan-costume and the team with most scored goals will achieve a reward!
    WHAT: TARAKIs Human Table Football Tournament
    WHERE: At TUT’s front lawn

    T3b: Participate in the tournament


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  • T3aWappuvaihto
    Fri 21.4 @ 12:00 - Sat 22.4 01:00
    Otaniemi, 02150 Espoo, Finland

    What? Wappu Exchange to Otaniemi
    Where? The trip begins and ends at Tietotalo’s parking lot
    When? Start 21.4. at 12 o’clock, Bus leaves from Otaniemi at 01:00
    Have you always wondered how they enjoy Wappu at Otaniemi? Would you like to just visit Otaniemi at the best time of the year? Have you not yet reserved your Friday for anything special?
    Don’t wait any longer but come to this awesome cultural trip to Otaniemi. The schedule consists of Jäynä finale, release of ÄPY and a mega party. Price for the trip is 10 euros and it includes the round-trip from Tampere to Otaniemi. You can also stay at Otaniemi if you want. The event is sponsored by TEK.
    Wappuwaihto is a part of Teemuround so you don’t have to worry about your stamps!
    T3a Go to Otaniemi


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  • Merkkimarkkinat
    Fri 21.4 @ 13:00 - 16:00
    Front lawn

    Come to sell and trade overallbadges to TiTe’s badgemarket. Early birds can get some tablespace to do their business.

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  • T3cNääsPeksi Pitkä Impro
    Fri 21.4 @ 18:00 - 20:00
    Festian Iso Sali

    NääsPeksi organizes a completely improvised musical spectacle you don’t want to miss! The show includes two half an hour long half-times with intermission and NääsDances dance performance!
    T3c Go and see the show


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  • PikkuJouluBommarit-sitsit
    Fri 21.4 @ 18:00 - 23:00

    Do you think that pre-Christmas party time is the best time of the year? Would you like to enjoy more often this cheerful feeling that it gives?
    Once again you have the opportunity to come to PikkuJouluBommari-sitsit. The legendary PJBS is traditionally before Christmas season.


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  • Pre-Dip Yourself!
    Fri 21.4 @ 19:00 - 22:30
    Suolijärvi, 33720 Tampere, Suomi

    Do you feel tired of studying? Feel a need to relax a bit in the beautiful nature of Finland? Or are you super excited to get the feeling of being dipped on Wappu day?

    Wappu is finally here, so come to pre-dip yourself in Suolijärvi on the 21st of April!

    At first there will be a walk arranged around Suolijärvi. The walk will start at 19:00 at the sauna. After a few kilometers of relaxed walking, we will come back to the sauna for a hot sauna that's waiting for us.

    There will be also a chance of swimming in Suolijärvi and experiencing the freezing water; just like when being dipped on Wappu! If you do not feel like walking, you can just come to the sauna and chill at the beach with us.

    There will also be some barbeque and drinks provided by the international section! Feel free to bring your own snacks and beverages as well. Also bring your own towels and wear your overalls if you wish!

    This event is free and for everyone!

    What: Combination of walking, barbeque, sauna and swimming
    Where: Suolijärvi lake sauna (Suolijärvenkatu 5, 33720 Tampere)
    When: 21st of April, starting at 19:00. Sauna 20:30-22:30
    Dresscode: Overalls/free
    Cost: Free



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Sat 22.4
  • T4Tupsulan Open Air Concert
    Sat 22.4 @ 12:00 - 18:00
    Tupsula, Annalankatu 10, 33710 Tampere, Finland

    The legendary outdoor concerts of Tupsula has been around for more than 20 years. In this concert the residents of Tupsula perform a variety of musical and other performances. The best place to see this spectacular event is the backyard of Tupsula.
    T4 Come to Tupsula


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  • Wappumössö
    Sat 22.4 @ 13:00 - 14:00
    Tupsula, Annalankatu 10, 33710 Tampere, Finland

    Man@ger provides a traditional dish, wappumössö, that the wappupeople has an opportunity to taste. The recipe of ”Mössö” is secret and only Emäntä knows it. The recipe has been the same from the beginning. Wappumössö is served for about an hour or until it ends, at the Tupsula outdoor concert.

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  • Junttarit
    Sat 22.4 @ 16:00 - 22:00

    At Junttarit you can take a break from the Wappu happenings and express yourself without any judging looks in a remote location. Traditionally Junttarit involves drinking of holy water, eating of pea soup, some competitions and live music.

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  • Kumisitsit
    Sat 22.4 @ 18:00 - 00:00

    The most rubbery sitsi’s of the year are close! Here you can expect stretchy outfits and even more elastic morals. So dress up in black latex and come to Bommari to experience the wildest sitsi’s of the year


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Sun 23.4
  • T5Wappuradio Live!
    Sun 23.4 @ 13:00 - 19:00
    Front lawn

    On Sunday 23th April Wappupeople will gather together to the traditional live broadcast outdoor happening. Riemurinne Arena and FM waves will be filled with music from the greatest artists from Finland. This event will move your hips and refresh your overalls. On this free concert you will see Torvikopla, Jukka Pojan Poika, Työelämän uhrit and Elimäki! We will promise you sunshine (atleast inner), awesome music, delicious food and real smell of ether in the air!

    Arrive at TTY’s etunurtsi at 13, bring some wappu spirit with you and enjoy a nice afternoon with Live music on Wappuradio Live!

    T5 Come to Front Lawn


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  • TTYkitys pullonkorkkifrisbeegolfgrillajaiset
    Sun 23.4 @ 14:00 - 16:00
    Front lawn

    An event with bottlecapfrisbeegolftournament with spectacular surprise prizes and heavy metal grilling

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  • Akateemisen Beerpongin MM-kisat
    Sun 23.4 @ 15:00 - 22:00

    Wappu and BeerPong belong together. That’s why Joku Ankka organizes the annual world championships of academic beerpong. 128 teams compete for the world championship and the great trophy, DAS BOOT.
    Participation fee is 15 €/team and it includes the drinks, overalls badges and great party atmosphere. You can also get tickets for the afterparty at Hullu Poro while buying BeerPong tickets (5 €/ two tickets). STAY TUNED!


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  • Wappuvaihto
    Sun 23.4 @ 15:00 - Mon 24.4 01:00
    Front lawn

    What? Otaniemi comes to Tampere
    Where? TUT front lawn
    When? 23.4. 14 o’clock
    After Tampere visited Otaniemi it’s time to turn the tables around. So come and have a good time with the folks from Otaniemi. The event is sponsored by TEK.


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  • SuuretWabuJuhlat
    Sun 23.4 @ 22:00 - Mon 24.4 04:00
    Koskiravintolat Oy, Koskikeskus, Hatanpään valtatie 1, 33100 Tampere, Finland

    Official afterpartys of the Academic Beerpong Championship Games.


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Mon 24.4
  • The building of Härweli's begins!
    Mon 24.4 @ 12:00 - 13:00

    The building of Härweli's begins, at the härweli's must be moved aside by Thu 27.4. 11:00

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  • Wappuescape alkaa
    Mon 24.4 @ 12:00 - 13:00
    Front lawn

    You wake up in the morning and have only few memories of yesterday. Where am I? What happened? Is this some kind of joke? In Wappuescape you can find the missing pieces of your puzzle, when YKI brings the most mysterious room escape game to Etunurtsi! So choose wisely max. four of your most clever friends and find out, if you have what it takes to get out in time!


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  • T6aKumipelausISO
    Mon 24.4 @ 13:00 - 18:00
    Rosendahlin ranta, Jalkasaarentie 7, 33230 Tampere, Finland

    Is it football? Is it baseball? Oh no, KumipelausISO is something much better. This wanky but ingenious team sport is based independently on the rules made up by the nearly insane but still almighty judge. The ”ball” - ISO - is an inner tube of a wheelbarrow. This is a must experience!
    T6a Touch the ISO

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  • Wappunysse
    Mon 24.4 @ 13:00 - 18:30
    TTY - Rosendahl – TTY

    Extremely successful Wappu event organized for the third time this year, WappuNysse, is coming again. WappuNysse is a partybus, which travels between TTY and Rosendahl beach at 13-19. It is also the offical method of transportation for KumipelausISO organized by Skilta. A bus from TKL will be transformed into a partybus. The bus will keep moving and the party will keep going for six whole hours. Soundsystem and DJs by Spinni will keep the mood as it is supposed to be.


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  • T6bWappu-Bic
    Mon 24.4 @ 15:00 - 20:00
    Tamppi Areena, 33720 Tampere, Finland

    We exercise even during Wappu in Tamppi Areena! This megalomaniac marathon bic leaves nobody cold on Monday. Wappu-Bic starts with an old-fashioned P.E. class, and continues with more traditional group exercise classes, spiced up with some Wappu spirit. Classes are at ball gaming hall so that everybody can fit in the classes.
    Program at ball gaming hall on Mon 24.4.:
    15-16 P.E.
    16-17 Pump!
    17-18 RVP
    18-19 Attack
    19-19.30 Stretching
    (15-16 Xtreme is held normally at group exercise hall and 16-17 Sweat at gym.)
    Pick your classes or try out the whole set. Event is free of charge and open for everybody at TUT/UTa/TAMK so grab your fellow students and colleagues with you.

    T6b Exercise!


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  • Bänditapahtuma TALent Herwanta
    Mon 24.4 @ 18:00 - 22:00
    Ravintola Wanha Tappi

    Got a band? Got a friend who’s got a band, but no gigs? Sign up your band and play your best songs to a loving audience at TALent Herwanta! You are also welcome to come and listen, and enjoy an evening full of local musicians. More info to come at www.teekkarikuoro.fi


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Tue 25.4
  • Wappuratsastus
    Tue 25.4 @ 12:00 - 14:00
    Front lawn

    Horse riding at TUT! We are going to bring two real horses to the front yard area and walk with them near Tietotalo. This is your chance to try horse riding! No sign-up or previous riding experience needed. Welcome! Price: 3 euros

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  • Luowa Wapputapahtuma
    Tue 25.4 @ 12:00 - 16:00
    Front Lawn

    What’s happily black and colorful at the same time ? Architecture students’ creative wappuhappening of course! Creative wappupainting for wappupeople can be found @ TUT Front Lawn. Release your inner artist at arkkaries’ traditional creative wappuhappening or feel free to splatter away without any inhibitions !

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  • T7aWappu Racing Cup
    Tue 25.4 @ 12:00 - 16:00
    Front lawn

    Ready, set, GO! Are you ready to put your RC car driving skills to the ultimate test?
    For this event you don’t need your own vehicle, driving licence or even driving experience, you just need to show up! The event is free of charge, and the best drivers get rewards. Next to the race track, there’s a possibility to try driving the cars before the race. So come on and unleash your inner Lewis Hamilton. Music and Teemunkierros stamps included!
    T7a Drive one of the RC cars!


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  • T7bKuiwaKaljaKuntopiiri
    Tue 25.4 @ 12:00 - 17:00
    Front lawn

    Are you thirsty? In need of a cold brew? Would you like to do sports a little bit? No worries, since Indecs is organizing its traditional KKK -wappuevent which theme this year is playful circuit training! In this event, you get to show your strength, agility - and of course - drinking skills at the most funniest tracks. You won’t have to bare with empty stomach and the rumor has it that the best performances will be awarded! So gather your friends and come show that you’re both the thirstiest and the most athletic student in Hervanta!

    T7b Participate in the event


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  • Kiltojen välinen Herwantapeliturnaus
    Tue 25.4 @ 13:00 - 18:00
    Front Lawn

    Herwantagame tournament between all the guilds. Come and cheer your guild to win!


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  • WappuTwerk
    Tue 25.4 @ 14:00 - 15:00
    TUT Ryhmäliikuntasali

    Last Wappus smash hit WappuTwerk is here again! If you’ve ever felt like letting your hair down and just going crazy, this is the event for you!
    The duration of WappuTwerk is 1,5 hours. The lesson consists of learning some technique and then doing some choreography. As the teacher we have the Finnish twerking champion 2015 and the star of the ProTwerk Finland tour Tia-Maria ”Tinze” Sokka! The cost for the lesson is five euros.
    WappuDance is for absolutely everyone: No matter your age or sex or if you have danced before, everybody’s welcome! Here you can learn while having a ton of fun

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  • T8Megalauluiltama
    Tue 25.4 @ 18:00 - 22:00
    Teekkarisauna, 33720 Tampere, Suomi

    Teekkari section organizes the Student Union’s second singing evening. This time we will be singing from the newest Rasputin all ”Balladit” (ballads), ”Likivihreät” (almost evergreen songs) and ”Kansalliset” (national songs). A band will accompany ballads and evergreens, and the national songs will be sung in sauna after the band has played.
    The event is part of Teemuround, and fuksis will get ”singing qualification” points from the event. The event lasts to 8 pm, but the sauna is open all the evening. Remember to take your Rasputin-songbook with you!
    T8 Sing a song to the Wapputeam


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  • SharkParty
    Tue 25.4 @ 22:00 - Wed 26.4 04:00

    Having a boring tuesday? Do you feel like crushing a boat with your own jaws? The guild council organizes the most unique party during the wappu, SHARKPARTY, on tuesday 25.4. 22-3.30. Come and find your inner party shark!


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Wed 26.4
  • T9Pimp my grill
    Wed 26.4 @ 12:00 - 17:00
    Sähkötalo inner yard

    Come to Wappu’s hottest barbeque party! Guilds of the Electric house arrange awesome sausage party for the whole wappu people. Bring your pimped grill and come to enjoy barbeque food. The most awesome grill and the tastiest grill food will be awarded. Let’s grill!
    T9 Come and grill

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  • Jäynä competitions fuksi league documentation return
    Wed 26.4 @ 12:00 - 15:00
    Sähkötalo inner yard

    Come and check out the fuksi league Jäynä returning! The documentation of a Jäynä should be returned in an epic way that will be noticed by every teekkari in the whole campus. Bribing the judges is more than recommendable. More info www.jaynakisa.fi.

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  • Sitsi-competition 2017
    Wed 26.4 @ 16:00 - 20:00
    Konetalo inner yard

    Do you enjoy sitsit and think that you are rather good sitsaaja? The TeekkariWappu’s most awesome sitsit are here and they are made by you! Academic Tableparty Platine organizes Sitsi-competition in which different teams compete for the Sitsing Party of the Year - title. In this event you determine your own actions, theme, your (hopefully theme-based) food and your songs. Sitsit are supervised by honourable jury which grades your performance and keeps the merry-making in control.
    Participation fee is 80 euros per team. Maximum number of participants per team is 15 persons.
    The price includes drinks, premises and guided action. Please note that you have prepare your own food. Jury will hand out tasks to participating teams. Jury ranks the performances according the cornerstones of Tampere sitsi-traditions and the best party shall be rewarded.


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  • TTSS Wabbu Goncerddi
    Wed 26.4 @ 17:00 - 19:00
    Front lawn

    TTSS plays live music - TTSS Not the shittiest but the cheapest.

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  • Masquerade Ball
    Wed 26.4 @ 18:00 - Thu 27.4 03:00
    Bravo Plaza, Itäinenkatu 5-7, 33210 Tampere, Suomi

    The most wonderful new event this Wappu is the Masquerade Ball by NääsPeksi, where you can dance the night away! Have a wonderful night filled with mystery in this majestic event doused with the spirit of old Venice.

    There will be food, music and dancing. The venue is Bravo Plaza in the center of Tampere. Dress code is a mask and a glamorous ball outfit, be it a ball gown or whatever your heart desires inspired with the decadence of Venetian dance balls!

    There will be a sign up for the event and an admission fee.


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  • Wappu International Party
    Wed 26.4 @ 22:00 - Thu 27.4 04:00
    Hehku, Puutarhakatu 21, 33210 Tampere, Suomi

    It is time for INTO’s last party in the city center this semester! Make sure to be there and finish off this semester in style!


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Thu 27.4
  • Puolen vuosisadan Krappesitsit
    Thu 27.4 @ 12:00 - 15:00
    Teekkarisauna, 33720 Tampere, Suomi

    During Wappu you might experience some nausea, exhaustion and thirst.
    The best way to tackle these obstacles is to enjoy some greasy food, drink sparkling drinks and spend time with people in the same situation.
    So on the second Thursday of Wappu, come to Teekkarisauna to enjoy KoRK’s traditional hangover sitsis - bigger and better than ever to celebrate the Guild’s 50th anniversary year! Sign-up for the sitsis opens closer to the event and there will be limited number of seats available.

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  • Academic Herwanta’s Strongest Man & Woman 2017
    Thu 27.4 @ 12:00 - 15:00
    Between Päätalo and Kampusareena

    The strongest of Herwanta get together to compete in six strongman events for the titles of academic strongest man and woman of Herwanta.


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  • Katusähly
    Thu 27.4 @ 12:00 - 15:00

    Street floorball -tournament
    Collect at least three-person team and come to fight wappu street floorball championship on Thursday 27.4. 12 pm onwards, between Kampusareena and Konetalo. There will be relaxed atmosphere and games. Playing time approx 2x5min per game and there will be prizes for the winners. BYOB (Bring your own sports drinks).

    Team registration by 25.4. at http://tinyurl.com/katusahly17.

    Paikalle voi tietysti tulla myös hengailemaan ja nauttimaan säästä!

    Feel free to come to support your friends and enjoy the weather!


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  • T10Wapun kostein SIMAkisa
    Thu 27.4 @ 12:00 - 16:00
    Front lawn

    Wappu’s wettest MEAD (=SIMA) competition is here! Make your own mead and bring it to the brown-overalled ladies to Etunurtsi (TUT campus front lawn) on Thursday, April 27th 12:00-16:00. There will also be other wet mead competition, if you haven’t made your own mead and still want to participate in EMÄTEEMU.

    T10 Participate in the MEAD games


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  • T11Wappu film
    Thu 27.4 @ 13:00 - 21:00

    The best Wappu film ever made comes to Tietotalo, TB103 - The Blues Brothers are here! This excellent classic is not the only reason why Wappu movie is one of the most important events of a successful Wappu: instead of just watching a film, you’ll find yourself partying with other people over and over again. The awesome day begins by joining the epic queuing experience well before the scheduled screening times! Enthusiasts who dress accordingly (suit, hat & sunglasses or a nun costume) will be let in first! The event will be held in Tietotalo, lecture room TB103, and for the most enthusiastic viewers there will be a different movie to watch after the first screening of The Blues Brothers.
    13:00 Blues Brothers
    15:30 Second movie
    18:00 Blues Brothers
    T11 Watch at least one film and join the party!

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  • Tekken turnaus
    Thu 27.4 @ 18:00 - 22:00

    Tekken tournament in TiTe’s guild room. Come and play Tekken 3 arcade and win some boozy prizes!

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  • Wappukolmiot
    Thu 27.4 @ 22:00 - Fri 28.4 04:00
    Koskikeskuksen Ravintolamaailma

    Advance tickets 3€. Tickets are also available at the door (5€). Remember to take 3€ in cash for the cloakroom! You can get your advance tickets from Indecs’ guild house and selling points (TUT)
    Staabi, Luuppi and Indecs will organize once again the city’s biggest student party Ravintolamaailma. Wappu is the best time for students and these parties make it even better! So grab your friends and come spend a great evening in the Ravintolamaailma!
    Student friendly prices, great music and massive atmosphere are something that Kolmiot has been known for!
    After the party there is a busride to Hervanta. The buses leave at 2.30 and 3.30 am at Suvantokatu. Price for the bus is 2€
    Remember to write your name and contact details to your advance ticket so you can win a party package including a one night stay in a hotel with dinner for two and free entry to Ravintolamaailma on that specific night!

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  • SIMAssa! -bileet
    Thu 27.4 @ 22:00 - Fri 28.4 04:00

    Wet night continues with SIMAssa!-party at Roska (Aleksanterinkatu 22), where the winners of Wettest MEAD competition will be announced. The doors will be open at 22. Tickets on sale later. Come enjoy some special belly button MEAD shots!


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Fri 28.4
  • T12Wapina
    Fri 28.4 @ 12:00 - 15:00

    Once again Man@ger presents to you the most horrifying wappuevent of them all! In Wapina you will travel through the dephts of Bommari and face your greatest fears. On this Friday, Bommari will be filled with the mentally ill and clinically insane students of TUT. Gather a small group of your friends or, if you dare, venture by yourself. At the end of the track there will be sima and doughnuts for the living.
    If you are pregnant, epileptic, senior citizen, have heart disease or a faint heart, think twice about attending this event.

    T12 Face your fears in Wapina!


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  • T13Happy Hour
    Fri 28.4 @ 12:00 - 16:00
    Front lawn

    Have you ever thought about that bigger is betterer? Are you disappointed, that a keg of beer doesn’t fit inside a beer_pong_cup? Come to front lawn of TUT and have fun. Supersized. So megabig fun. So come and experience supersized (drinking)games. This event is part of Teemunkierros! Bad weather may prevent some games. Oh oh.

    T13 Come to Front Lawn and play!


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  • MasterChef Herwanta
    Fri 28.4 @ 16:00 - 18:00
    Front lawn

    Welcome to the most INTOnational cook-off this Wappu has ever seen! You can compete as a team and show your great culinary talent. But there’s a catch: After you have signed up, we will appoint a random country to your team. You will cook a dish/dishes from that country and bring them to the event. The winning team will be rewarded.

    Participants of the event will get to taste the dishes and cast their vote. The ticket for the buffet costs 2€, and includes the ‘voting ticket’. Every participant will get to taste and vote for free, of course.

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  • Wappukyykkä
    Fri 28.4 @ 16:00 - 20:00

    The greatest kyykkä event of the whole Wappu is back in Mäkipuisto, Hervanta. Games are played with teams of four players, using academic rules. Registration at the venue before the event’s starting time


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  • Skumppamaistit
    Fri 28.4 @ 18:00 - 21:00

    Do you want to taste different sparkling wines? Château will organize tasting event for sparkling wines on 28.4 at 18.00. Tasting event will cost 15€ and you can sign-up in http://www.students.tut.fi/~chateau/ilmo.shtml. Sign-up will be open about a week before tasting event.

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  • Kellarihumppa
    Fri 28.4 @ 18:00 - 23:00

    YKI and TARAKI are yet again offering the most swinging event of Wappu, Kellarihumppa!
    It’s time to take out your granny’s prettiest dress and your grandpas most handsome tie and fulfill your wildest dancing dreams! There will be of course live music, bingo and dance teaching offered, you might also find something surprising behind the log pile.


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Sat 29.4
  • TTMK takaparkin kiihdytyskisa
    Sat 29.4 @ 12:00 - 16:00
    Behind Päätalo in front of Bommari

    The fastest event of wappu is here again! TTMK organizes a drag racing day on Korkeakoulunkatu behind Päätalo. The dragstrip is 200 m long (1/8 mile).
    The event will provide again amazing cars and motorcycles, as well as other more extraordinary vehicles.
    We will also have our V8 grill on the spot, which provides free sausage for hungry visitors. Participating the event is free for the drivers and spectators.

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  • T14Wappupicnic
    Sat 29.4 @ 12:00 - 16:00
    Koskipuisto, 33100 Tampere, Suomi

    What would be better place to see your friends and enjoy the day before wappu eve, than the beautiful and sunny Koskenranta? Put your sunglasses on and come to Koskipuisto!
    So you had a week in a row and you might want to chill a bit? We know it - Wappu can be quite exhausting. This is the deal: You bring the snacks and drinks, and take a good seat. We will take care of spoiling you up with some sweet tunes for the next five hours.

    T14 Find Wapputeam in the Picnic


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  • Wappuimpro
    Sat 29.4 @ 16:00 - 16:30
    Keskustori stairs

    WappuImpro gathers old and new NääsImpro members together to perform a show. Do the old members have their skills in good condition? Can the new members respond with their enthusiasm to the old members’s experience? How can these two co-operate? One thing is sure - You will be laughing! Come and watch, how chemistry between the two meet up - For free!

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  • Wappuescape ends
    Sat 29.4 @ 18:00 - 18:30

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Sun 30.4
  • T15Declaration of Wappu Frenzy
    Sun 30.4 @ 12:00 - 13:00
    Frenckellinaukio, Tampere, Suomi

    Every year, the chairman of the Student Union announces that Wappurieha has officially begun. The announcement will be done on the stairs of the Old Church, next to Keskustori. After this, the results of the Jäynä Competition, that will affect the order in which fuksis go to the parade and the Koski, will be announce. Also, the most active fuksis of the year, the superfuksis, will be rewarded.!

    T15 Listen to the declaration!


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  • Kinkebarmarssi
    Sun 30.4 @ 12:00 - 18:30

    The annual Kinkebar march is here again! In this ancient tradition we go to the small village of Vesilahti to pickup the notorious ””Kinkebar”” to bring it and with it, the true wappu, back to Tampere. More info closer to the event, but to participate you should get yourself a bicycle of some sorts.


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  • Resuts of Jäynäkisa
    Sun 30.4 @ 12:30 - 13:30

    The judges will announce the winners of this year’s jäynä- competition and the order in which the guilds go to the dipping.

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  • PölöKaljaViesti
    Sun 30.4 @ 13:00 - 14:00
    Old Library

    The traditional PölöBeerRace is back to entertain the wappufolk after Wappurieha. Gather a team of four (4) members and come show, which guild has what it takes to compete with the legendary PölöBeerKings of previous years. The idea of the race is to drink beer while running around the church with different ways, without spilling the beer. If competing is not your thing, remember to come and cheer your favorite team to victory.
    There is only room for four teams.


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  • T16Chilibileet
    Sun 30.4 @ 15:00 - 17:00
    Kaijakka, Laukontori 12, 33200 Tampere, Suomi

    Welcome to heat the atmosphere to the hottest party of Wappu on the 30th of April 15:00-17:00! You can get some delicious chili in the middle of Wappu from MIK’s Chiliparty @Kaijakka. If the chili is too hot, you can cool down with the student priced refreshments. If you’re not chili lover, you can try our obstacle course near Kaijakka which doesn’t include eating chili. You’re also welcomed if you like chili! This event is part of Teemuround!

    T16 Come to the party!

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Mon 1.5
  • Capping of the Finnish Maiden
    Mon 1.5 @ 00:00 - 00:30
    Koskipuisto, 33100 Tampere, Suomi

    Lakitus will be done on the night between the 30th and the 1st, right after midnight. this is the time when you are allowed to put your teekkaricap on your head for the first time this year. Teekkaricap will be put on at the same time as the the capwill be put on statue. after this, if you don’t want to get wet, watch out for the sparkles!

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  • T17Wappu Warm-up
    Mon 1.5 @ 07:00 - 07:30
    Koskipuisto, 33100 Tampere, Suomi

    Refreshing exercise in Wappu morning! What would be a better way to begin this morning than a Wappu Warm-up? Sport section and TUrVoKe organizes Wappu morning Warm-up that won’t be torture but nice flexing, which helps everyone to start the Wappu morning. Here you just stretch and warm up yourselves so you can keep going for the whole Wappu day. You just need to take your body and a brightly mind with you!

    T17 Stretch!


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  • T18Morning Brunch
    Mon 1.5 @ 08:00 - 10:00
    Tillikka, Hämeenkatu 14, 33100 Tampere, Suomi

    Eggs, bacon, bread, coffee.... what else would you need after the morning sauna! Come and start your day with a morning brunch before heading to the Koski! In case you have been on a liquid diet for the past weeks, now it’s the time to fill up your stomach and enjoy good company.
    T18 You can get the stamp from the queue


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  • Fuksi parade
    Mon 1.5 @ 12:00 - 13:00
    Sorin aukio

    In the beginning of our times, in 1986 to be exact, teekkaris wanted to be seen more in the streets of Tampere during Wappu. It was then that the parade was invented and ever since, fuksis from TUT have made a parade across the center to Koskenranta where they will become teekkari in the kaste. Thousands of people will gather along the streets and Koskenranta to see the parade and all the strange härwelis you have come up with this year, not to mention sensing the wappuspirit in you as you travel towards the Koski.
    Fuksis will gather up in Sorin Aukio on Wappuday at 11.45 at the latest. You will be given information about rules and instructions on how to behave, what to do and what not to do. The parade will start right after noon and will take all the fuksis to Koskenranta, where fuksis will head to the kaste.

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  • Tammerkoski regatta
    Mon 1.5 @ 13:00 - 18:00
    Tammerkoski, Tampere, Suomi

    Tammerkoski regatta is back again. Regatta is a friendly competition in Tammerkoski just before teekkari-dipping

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  • Teekkari dipping
    Mon 1.5 @ 13:00 - 18:00
    Tammerkoski -1m

    All the fuksis in Tampere have been through Teekkarikaste from the beginning of days. It started out as a random idea, but as years have passed and more people are taking part, it is a major Wappu event in Tampere nowadays.


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  • Wapunkaato
    Mon 1.5 @ 19:00 - Tue 2.5 02:00
    Koskiravintolat Oy, Koskikeskus, Hatanpään valtatie 1, 33100 Tampere, Finland

    The greatest and most official final party of TeekkariWappu! Here you can cry a tear for your loved Wappuheila and return your Emäteemu handout.
    The party starts already at 7 pm so you may join immediately after your Wappu dinner or from your Sauna after Teekkari Dipping. During the evening you can for example compete against clock and other contestant at chucking a beer from a pint.
    The musical entertainment is guaranteed with a comeback gig of legendary NMKSV Big Band! Another live band continues with the warmed audience and several DJ’s take care for the music for rest of the evening. Come to live the last moments of Wappu 2017 and make them worth it!
    The pre-tickets are sold during Wappu by the young and handsome sporrrty boys and girls wearing the always recognizable orange-black striped shirts. With the pre-ticket you can pass the entry line until 11 pm and the discounts are on you all night long! WAU!

    TP Return your Emäteemu-slip by 21:00!


    See more details

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