Teemunkierros, a traditional Wappu competition, starts on the first day of Teekkari Wappu. The purpose of this competition is to encourage teekkaris and freshmen in particular to participate in Wappu events. To earn the title of Emäteemu this Wappu, you must collect the required stamps. The Teemunkierros consists of 20 events, in addition to the start and the finish, some of which are interchangeable.

How to become Emäteemu:

  1. Get the taskuläystäke at the revealing of Tamppi, from Student Union Office or from Wappu secretary.
  1. Participate in events and ask the Wappu secretary or the board member in charge of teekkari activities to stamp your läystäke. In case of alternative events (marked a, b, c), you only need to attend one. Stamps are not issued after the event (except if you can produce clear evidence of your participation: rumour has it that a selfie with the Wappu team will do the trick)!
  1. Teekkaris that have collected all required stamps earn the title of Emäteemu and are awarded a magnificent badge to put on their overalls. Note that you cannot become Emäteemu if you miss even one event lying on the lawn and gathering your strength.