Jäynät (Pranks)

People often ask how to manage a successful or even perfect jäynä. The definition of a good jäynä and a recipe for success are not only boring but also impossible to give. A teekkari jäynä lives in the present, and what’s funny today may not have been decades earlier.

Creating jäynäs is fun but the person making them should be careful in the planning stages to avoid any problems. Jäynä may not be in any way illegal or cause any legal actions. It is also worth remembering that not everyone will share your sense of humour.

Tampere jäynä competition

More information on jäynäs

The official rules of the Tampere jäynä competition (in Finnish)

Fuksi category

The fuksi category is a big and important part of the Tampere jäynä competition even though time-wise it is only a fraction of the competition. The fuksi category defines the order in which guilds are dipped in the Tammerkoski rapids! The fuksi category is a two-week effort before and during Wappu.

Fuksi category schedule and instructions (in Finnish)