What’s a härweli?

Härwelis are a visible part of Tampere’s Teekkari Wappu. The idea behind a härweli is often a current issue that is being commented on or just a realisation of its creators’ imagination.  Crowds gather to wonder at these strange creations in the May Day fuksi parade. Since 1987 (perhaps already from 1986), guilds have built their own härwelis and enthralled the people of Tampere with their incredible contraptions.

Patent your härweli!

The patenting of härwelis begins 11.4. 15:00. and ends 16.4. 23:59

Each guild and INTO may patent two (2) härweli ideas, and first come, first served. Wappu secretaries strive to notify your härweli team contact person as soon as possible whether your patent application has been accepted. You must also nominate two contact persons per härweli. They are responsible for moving the härweli and its loading on the lorry after the cap ceremony from Bommari during the night between 30.4. and 1.5. The härweli must comply with the size restrictions (2m x 2m x 4m) and must be carried by the fuksis themselves. If the härweli does not comply with the restrictions, the team must organize its transport to the Sori square themselves. Every härweliteam should also acquire one person to help transportating traffic signs in the Wappunight.

Patent your Härweli here!

Your contact person will receive information regarding the success of your patent application on Wednesday or, if the application is submitted later than Wednesday afternoon, as soon as possible.


Härwelis will be built in Bommari, where every guild and INTO has their own spots, which can be reserved from Paula’s desk after accepted patenting of a härweli. Every härweliteam has to pay a 20e deposit charge, which will be returned, if the spot is properly cleaned after building 1.5. (and on Saturday 21.4. when the härwelis will be moved from the Bommari sitsilocation to other spot since there will be events in Bommmari).

  • WED 18.4. 10:00 Building may be started
  • SAT 21.4. 23:59 Härwelis moved aside and the spot cleaned
  • SUN 29.4. 10:00 Building may be continued
  • MON 30.4. – TUE 1.5. This night härwelis will be transportated from Bommari to Sori square after the cap ceremony


TEA-club is again organizing the traditional Härwelicompetition. We will judge härwelis already in the building state in Bommari and the final decision we will do with the other judges on Wappuday. The winner will be announced after Fuksiparade and they will get a sauna evening at the Hämppi rooftopsauna and products from Nokian Panimo!

Evaluation criterion:

  • Topical
  • Pretentious
  • Technical execution
  • Fuksiparade

You can send questions and other worries to wappu@ttyy.fi