Kyykkä (Karelian skittles)

Karelian skittles (kyykkä) – or academic skittles, to be precise – is a traditional teekkari sport played at TUT in the winter. Every year, the skittles season culminates in February when the Academic skittles world championships bring together more than 4000 players. For more information on the World Championships of Academic Kyykkä, go to The Fuksikyykkä in January and the Kyykkäliiga (an academic skittles league organised annually at TUT) in January and February are also worth mentioning.

The aim is to remove kyykkäs (wooden cylinders) from the game square by throwing karttus (skittle bats) with as few throws as possible. The team that removes more kyykkäs from the game square is the winner.

Skittles instructions for sub-organisations

  1. Since the car park at the back became paid this winter, there are three locations behind the Main building where skittles can be played: (1) the paved front of the polymer hall, (2) the sand field down the hill from the polymer hall and (3) the new, fenced test field of the IHA department, next to the sand field (pictures below). Please only play in these areas.
  2. When playing in the front of the polymer hall or the sand field (areas 1 and 2), you must notify the Facilities service using this form:…
    TUTKA -> Tilat -> Tilanvaraus -> Järjestämislupa opiskelijoille -> the top link
  3. When playing on the fenced test field of the IHA department, you must make separate arrangements with Ville Ahola. Call 040 849 0523.
  4. Make sure that the fields have been ploughed. If necessary, file a service request with ISS to get the parking area ploughed:
    TUTKA -> Tilat -> Tekniset palvelut -> Vikailmoitukset -> TTY Tutkimushalli
    In urgent cases, call ISS at 040 198 1211.
  5. If necessary, ask ISS to provide booms for loan (tel. 040 198 1211 or 03 3115 2112, between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m.). Attach a note on the booms explaining on which day and at what time skittles is played in the area.
  6. Mark the outlines of the field using juice or food colouring liquid, for example. Throwing squares and game squares are 5 X 5 m. The distance between the game-squares is 10 m. Thus the field dimensions are usually 5 X 20 m.
  7. Play skittles.
  8. Once you have finished, clean up after yourselves. Do not leave anything but the outlines on the field.

NOTE! If you break anything, notify the student union (040 713 0076 or 040 713 0079) and Facilities service (0400 735 355). If you hit a car, write down the registration number and notify the owner.

Have a great skittles winter!