Culture appro


Culture appro is a monthly series of events organised by the TTYY safeguarding section aiming to introduce teekkaris to the wide range of culture available in Tampere.  The only way the culture appro resembles the traditional beer appro is that in the culture appro too you collect stamps. After participating in four (4) events, you get a beautiful culture appro badge for your overalls. Fuksi points are also distributed generously.

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Upcoming events:

September: Game museum in Vapriikki 27.9.

This autumns first culture appro is the game museum in vapriikki on wednesday 27.9. Attendance list is in Paula’s desk. Sign up by Tuesday 26.9. Leaving is in the bus stop in front of tietotalo at 15.10.

There is a free museum entry ticket in PIVO-app and in Opiskelijan Tampere supervihko so remember to bring either! The busses to the museum are self-financed.