Fuksi activity


fuksi = first-year student who will become teekkari only after having been dipped in the Tammerkoski rapids.

Good fuksis become great teekkaris

Every autumn, the new fuksis are familiarised with their new surroundings in every possible way. In a very short time, fuksis should learn a massive amount of information on teekkari culture. To help fuksis figure out what is important, they will be given the fuksi passport to guide them from one event to another.

Fuksi passport

Each fuksi will get a fuksi passport, the purpose of which is to introduce the fuksi to the secrets of teekkari life. The events and activities marked on the passport vary considerably and they have been scored according to performance criteria and other characteristics. The purpose is to immerse oneself in student life in as many ways as possible. There is a lot to choose from, from sauna evenings to sports and study events.

The points are tallied at Wappu and the fuksis who have enough points may dip into the Tammerkoski rapids wearing the teekkari cap in the traditional teekkari immersion ritual. Collecting points is surprisingly easy as there are plenty of events to choose from, especially on the party front, in other leisure time activities and in studies.

Your own guild’s appointed fuksi support person will guide you on how to use the passport and if something is extremely tricky you can contact the student union’s head of fuksi affairs.