History and Teekkari Museum

Teekkari Museum

The student union’s Teekkari Museum was opened on 30 November 2008. The permanent exhibitions of the museum include items of Tampere teekkari history from the late 1960s to this day. One of the items on display is a garment worn in the first ever teekkari immersion ritual in 1966. At the museum, you can also familiarise yourself with the jäynäs and tempaus’ of the past. There are also plenty of photos from years passed.

Opening hours

You can visit the museum in its opening hours found on the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/teekkarimuseo. Entry is free of charge and the museum is open to all.

Current museum location

The Teekkari Museum is located at the 1st floor of Rakennustalo building.

The museum is divided by themes. It walks you through the fuksi’s road to become a fully-fledged teekkari, including the fuksi puzzle, fuksi passport, the teekkari immersion ritual and the fuksi parade. Here, you will also find an answer to how the student overall first came into existence.

The museum also deals with the cornerstones of the teekkari culture: teekkari does jäynäs, teekkari creates tempaus’ and teekkari sings rather than does it well. And what does a dog show in Lahti have to do with Tampere teekkari culture?

The museum depicts how teekkaris first settled to Tampere. A museum-goer will also learn the number of places teekkaris have gone to sauna in Tampere

as well as student union recognitions, the academic dress code and the Tampere teekkari cap and its history.

Lost in the world of the museum? If you are in need of a museum guide, email ttyy-teekkarimuseo(a)listmail.tut.fi

Museum tours can be arranged even on short notice.


Teekkarihistoriaa.fi is a history portal designed to map out the 50-year history of teekkaris in Tampere. TTYY maintains and develops the website.

Each current or former Tampere teekkari or arkkari (student of architecture) can submit their story, add photos and videos and discuss the details of the articles.

Read, comment on and share teekkari stories at: www.teekkarihistoriaa.fi.

Photo: Aleksi Rinta-Kauppila, www.nakedeye.fi

Printed history

Several histories have been published during the existence of the student union depicting the life of Tampere teekkaris throughout the decades. There is also information on the history of the student union. Contact the student union office if you want to get your hands on a printed volume.

Koskessa kastetut – teekkarieloa Tampereella 1965–2002, Student Union of Tampere University of Technology, 2002

Koskessa kastetut – teekkarieloa Tampereella 1965–2002, Student Union of Tampere University of Technology, 1992

The joint publication of teekkaris in Finland depicts the history of teekkari culture: Teekkarielämää – Paloja teekkarikulttuurista ja sen synnystä